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Nov 13, 2012 1:00pm EST
here as we see demand from china, from india, supportive of prices although, of course, gold following the markets. forecasts from barically's saying itth is the time to be overweight gold, unambiguously positive to have more qe. other metals to watch, palladium, certainly, biggest gaper of 4% on the session, big one-day for palladium, supply concerns out of russia and south africa, also supportive of the platinum market. if you want to play these metals as a retail investors, look at the etfs. >>> to the action here at the nyse, bob pisani here on the nyse floor. last words out of your mouth were much better that yesterday. what kind of steady as she goes? >> even on the vans decline line. volume is light to moderate a heck of a lot better that yesterday. best volume in a long time. and a very strong european close. that was the big factor, big speculation again about spain being involved in perhaps the ecb coming and buying spam nish bonds, all vague speculation but helped the spam nish close and the european close. here is sector up today for the first time this month, utility stock
Nov 15, 2012 1:00pm EST
of foreign markets where they operate including, but not limited to, brazil, china and india." >> courtney, we should mention walmart's biggest rival target also came through with results today and also missed on the sales estimates i think i'm right in saying. >> that's right. i think what's really going on here is we are talking about a consumer that's still struggling in this economic environment. unemployment has gotten better but it's still around 8%. we've got this fiscal cliff looming. yes, the holidays are around the corner so that's what many retailers are banking on. but beyond that it's been tough. we had super storm sandy hit. that put an impact on a lot of retailers from department stores to big box stores like target and walmart. really what they're saying is the consumer is still under some pressure. that paycheck cycle still an issue for the walmart consumer and they say that jobs, gas prices and rising food prices also an issue for that group of shoppers. >> is housing about to fall off the fiscal cliff? what homeowners and future home buyers need to know right now. >>> me
Nov 2, 2012 1:00pm EDT
of millions of people have emerged from poverty. they've emerged from poverty in india. and in china. and in different places in the world where they've embraced capitalism. is there greater -- hold on. is there greater wealth disparity in yes, there is. but disparity is the tradeoff you accept for growth. if you want no income disparity, we've seen that movie. everybody's poor. >> well, actually, i actually think that a big part of what's going on is what's happening in the emerging markets and you're absolutely right, that part of the global tradeoff that we're seeing right now is hundreds of millions of people coming up from poverty in the emerging markets in to the middle class. but right now -- and this is not something that needs to be debated. this is something that the data shows -- the big losers where we're seeing the hollowing out is in the middle class, in the western industrialized economy. you know, again, i think the industrial revolution is a great comparison. overall, it was fantastic that we had the industrial revolution. who would argue with that? but, but, for soc
Nov 12, 2012 1:00pm EST
trajectory higher. we're also seeing increases in gold demand and that is coming primarily from india where the festival season is getting under way. the wedding season as well. driving up demand of exchange traded funds as well as the actual gold jewelry. then we have the shanghai gold exchange talking about the fact that it plans to launch gold etfs. that's something that's also positive for the gold market. the demand that we're seeing is really going to drive this rally to the $2,000 level. they see demand from china and central bank buying all of that driving up the price. prices right now holding steady at this three-week high. >>> also some gains over at the nasdaq today. it is outpacing the move from the dow. seema mody is following the big movers over there. >> a mixed bag for tech stocks. research in motion is one of the winners after setting a date for the launch of its highly anticipated blackberry 10 device. microsoft though one of the losers after the ceo steve ballmer made some comments that its surface tablet had a modest start to sales. elsewhere we're seeing big moves in b
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4